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Even better; every time your code is used you will receive credits to spend on exclusive merch! The more Hooch purchased, the more credits gained and the more Merch you can get your hands on. 

As if free merch and money off Hooch wasn’t enough. The highest performing Hoochers will join The Il-Lemon-Ati, getting priority access to incredible unique merch, new products and private events. Do we have your attention now? 


everything you need to know

Sign up here and you will receive your own personalised code giving you 10% off purchases of Hooch and other drinks at www.goodtimein.co.uk. Each time your code is used by you or your friends and family, you receive 1 credit. These credits can be redeemed monthly on Hooch merch. The more codes, the better the merch. It’s that simple! And the lucky few who top our leaderboard will win a coveted place in The IL-LEMON-ATI. 
To get started, sign up, you will then receive your code and be able to visit your dashboard. You can use your own code at checkout for 10% to get your first credit then share the code with friends, on social media and with family to drive up your credits; each time they use it you will get a credit! 
The campaign will run for two months; Month One starting 24th August and Month Two starting 21st September. Throughout the campaign we will keep in contact via email to make sure you stand the best chance of winning the best merch. 

The IL-LEMON-ATI is the ultimate club for die hard Hooch fans and super talented bar tenders. If you’re a big lover of Hooch you want to be in The IL-LEMON-ATI. 
As a member of The IL-LEMON-ATI you will get totally exclusive, money-can’t-buy, never before seen Hooch Merch, to be the envy of all your friends! You will also be invited as a VIP guest to our events, get to be involved in the development of new products, and get other treats and special access throughout the year. 
For each month of our campaign the top 14 Hoochers with the most credits will win a place in The IL-LEMON-ATI. One Hoocher per month will be hand picked from social media to win a place. 
Hoochers who win a place in The IL-LEMON-ATI will be contacted by email, so keep an eye on your inboxes! 

We know you’ll love the merch we have on offer and we have something to suit everyone’s final credits. Hooch fans will be able to get hold of Hoodies, Snapbacks, T shirts, Quiz books, Fabric Wristbands, Gummy wristbands and sticker packs.  
IL-LEMON-ATI members will get access to a whole load of totally awesome exclusive merch we will announce on our socials so keep an eye on @hoochlemonbrew on Facebook and Instagram.

Outside of this campaign the credits have no monetary value. They can only be used in the Hooch universe and can only be redeemed against the various items of merch as described. 
Make sure you redeem your credits when the Merch shop is open, or they will be lost forever. 
In order to have earned a credit you will have utilised a 10% discount voucher, so a credit is an extra bonus on top of the discount you will have already received. 

At the end of each 4 week period our online shop will open for 72 hours. This gives you the time to earn maximum credits before you redeem them. You will have three days to get any last orders through Goodtimein.co.uk and then get your credits redeemed for merch. 
After the 72 hours – which we will give you plenty of notice about – your credit balance will go back to zero and you will have a new month to build up more credits with a new code.  

Here are some quick tips on how to maximise redemptions. 
-Share your code on your social media bio, posts, and stories inviting your aged 18+ followers to use it 
-Offer your code to aged 18+ friends and family  
-Planning a party? Use your code to get money off larger orders  
-Birthdays coming up? Why not give the gift of Hooch and bag some additional merch in the process 

On your dashboard you will see a leaderboard score. This is where you sit in the rankings of the amount of codes redeemed on Goodtimein.co.uk amongst all the Hoochers competing for a place in The IL-LEMON-ATI.  

All Merch will be sent out via Royal Mail 2nd Class postage but to account for processing time, please allow for 7-10 working days for the arrival of your merch. 

Sign Up Here to begin your quest to join The IL-LEMON-ATI, and win yourself some Hooch merch along the way. 

We are also giving Hooch Fans the chance to win merch, and a place in The IL-LEMON-ATI! 
Simply by showing Hooch some love on your social accounts. Just upload a post on Instagram or Twitter (one that we can share!) of you enjoying Hooch and/or in Hooch merch using the tag #illemonati. We will be giving away merch prizes weekly and picking an IL-LEMON-ATI member monthly so keep your content hilarious and fresh and you might just win! 

On our social media we are countlessly asked two things. 1: where people can get Hooch if their local supermarkets or venues don’t stock it and 2: how people can get hold of our infamous Hooch merch.
This led us to setting up a channel through our partners www.goodtimein.co.uk where people can purchase Hooch and get it delivered right to their door! Not only that but we are doubling up the bonuses by issuing codes to Hooch fans for additional 10% discount on orders that then win you merch!
Traditionally only a lucky few have been able to get their hands on our prized snapbacks and t shirts. We love to give the fans what they want and now EVERYONE has the chance to get their hands on new exclusive items as well as classic merch pieces, all whilst getting money off Hooch delivered to your door.