Hooch is about letting go, having fun, enjoying time with your mates and not taking life too seriously. Let the squares of the world sit and sip their pretentious try-hard concoctions, missing out on life’s simple pleasures and obsessed with image. Good times shouldn’t be complicated. Keep it Hooch and Hooch keeps it real.

We have created what some have called ‘the beverage of the people’. An easy going, smooth drinking, no nonsense, boisterous alcoholic lemonade, its tropical sidekick Hoola Hooch and the new Pink Hooch.


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Our Flavours

Alcoholic LEMON BREW

The original might just be the best. With very little changing from the liquid that rocked the world of drinkers everywhere back in the 90s; Hooch Lemon Brew gives you a big sharp citrus hit followed by sweet lemony goodness. Enjoy ice cold or as part of one of our signature cocktails.


We launched Hoola back in May 2016 and it has become a cult festival favourite, a pure embodiment of summertime socials! The signature citrus hit, sweet passion fruit and mango flavours, hints of pineapple and real juicy bits give you a truly ooochy slice of paradise with every sip.

Pink Hooch

You’ve seen how others do pink… but you can forget pristine, delicate and tired pink drinks. It’s time for a new kind of pink, pink with attitude, Pink Hooch. A satisfyingly sweet, alcoholic raspberry lemonade with that signature Hooch citrus kick. Delicious, zesty and tangy, Pink Hooch is a bougie addition to the Hooch family.

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