Thank you for your interest in the 2022 Soapbox Star organised by Hooch (Global Brands LTD).

Please note the following important information and terms and conditions:

1) The competition is open only to comedians and cabaret performers based in the UK and Ireland who have not signed a contract to an entertainment company, or any contract with any third-party agency (or similar). This restriction would not include self-released material whether in the physical format or as a digital release. Self-released means recordings entirely financed by the comedian or cabaret performers with no financial assistance from any commercial organisation or relationship or an agreement with an agency or other investor but always excepting any distribution deal you might have entered into (including TikTok and/or a digital aggregator). You must not (either as a group, group member, or solo performer) have had recognised success (including under any other moniker) – for example having one or more national television appearances. In the event of any query or disagreement on what constitutes a valid entry, Hooch’s decision is final. You may only enter ONCE under one name (either as a solo artist or as part of a group). Multiple entries will be disqualified (at our sole discretion).
2) Entries will be accepted online only from 9am (09.00) on the 5th March until 5pm (17.00) GMT on the 4th April 2022 at

You will need to submit

• One original video recording by you – this must be an MP4 file

• This video will be of you performing a maximum two-minute clip of either a comedy or cabaret act. This must be uploaded via the Hooch website.
3) The competition is free to enter.
4) Regrettably we will not be able to enter into any correspondence with competition entrants. However, we may contact each competition entrant to give them updates about the various stages of the competition and information around the coverage of the competition. Please make sure your application is clear and complete. You cannot amend the application once it has been submitted, or submit additional clips, so please do not send additional files (or similar) to us. The acceptance of all entries is at Hooch’s sole discretion.

5) By entering the competition, you agree:

• That any material submitted and any consequent live performance at the Kendal Calling Festival 2022 may be broadcast or streamed on the radio/television/internet without further consultation or remuneration.
6) The entry process, judging process and final decisions will follow this procedure:
• A team will watch all the entries to narrow them down to a “Longlist”.

• From the Longlist the Judging Panel will select a shortlist of up to 10 entrants who may be invited to submit a second clip. The decision of our judging team and the Panel is final.

7) The Winner:

• A maximum of 5 Winners will be chosen by the Competition judges
• The Winners will be offered the opportunity to perform on the Soapbox Stage at the Kendal Calling Festival 2022 at a time and date to be determined by the Festival organisers, and will also be awarded 2 weekend tickets to the festival, their name on the festival line up, and a Hooch merch bundle (contents to be decided by Hooch)
7.1) All winners must agree to the normal requirements placed on performers on the Soapbox stage, namely:
• To perform at the time notified to them (for the agreed length of time);
• Agree to any filming or recording as required;
• Each Winner must work closely with the Stage Manager, meet all Health and Safety requirements, and must provide safe working equipment.
• Provide one colour press photograph, and one biography (one side A4), both pre-cleared for all media uses.
• Each Winner must not exceed the given time slot of 10 minutes.
• All Winners need to be aware that the live final may be recorded in both audio and audiovisual formats and may be streamed live on (and on other platforms). Winners must agree that Hooch can use the recordings in all media including but not limited to television, radio and the internet without further reference to or payment to them.
8) If any other Winners are chosen to perform at Kendal Calling the final decision as to the most appropriate venue/stage for any selected artist to perform at will be at the discretion of the judges. The same terms contained in 7 relating to set time and length, health & safety, filming requirements and press requirements will apply.
9) Hooch will make every effort to ensure the Winner performs at Kendal Calling Festival 2022. However, Hooch may, in certain circumstances, have to cancel the performance without consulting the performer and without further liability to the performer.
Hooch reserves the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions in its discretion without notice.
10) All Winners agree to have in place any and all rights consents and approvals required to enter on behalf of themselves and on behalf of any third parties who may have contributed to any of the material performed by the Winners in the Competition.
11) All submissions must be the original work of the entrants without restriction from any third party.
12) Finalist agrees, upon Hooch’s request and without compensation of any kind, to execute any additional documents, or grants any additional consents or waivers as Hooch may deem necessary so as to effect, record or perfect the grant of rights contained within these Terms and Conditions.
13) The Winners agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Hooch and all affiliates, assigns, employees, directors, agents, representatives, and successors from any and all claims (i) alleging infringement of any third- party rights with respect to any performance, (ii) any breach by the Winners of applicable law related to a performance; and (iii) arising as a result of, or in connection with Winners failure to comply with these Terms.
14) Any dispute or claim arising from or in relation to the Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts